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Jami Morgan
C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

My name is Jami, and I became a Certified Yoga Instructor with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  I completed my training in October of 2021.  My intention is to create a safe space for others to explore their wholeness.  Western society tends to lean into the physical aspect of yoga, however there are many aspects to our beings.  Utilizing the tools of yoga can bring about transformations from within.  Throughout our journeys, at times we may feel stuck. Physically, emotionally, energetically we can begin to experience suffering in our everyday life.  The gift of recognizing this suffering allows for more space to bring great awareness into our experience.  Space to create a compassionate and a self-loving journey of remembering who we truly are.  

As a Yoga Therapist, it is my honor to help guide you through practices that take you deeper within all aspects of your being.  We will focus on exploring all aspects of your being, bringing about new awareness from within yourself.  I believe that we have the answers within us, and each of us embody a uniqueness that with deeper exploration and curiosity has the ability to bring about great shifts in our consciousness.  I am simply here to guide you on your journey without judgement or projections.  Through your unique individual practices an awareness will begin to arise.  As a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, I look forward to guiding you to your wholeness using specific practices that are specific to you and your journey.  These practices may include physical asana practice, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, energetic healing, along with many more modalities that help to bring more self-awareness, ease to the nervous system, calm the mind and overall well-being.

Love & Light,


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